Go Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park

Parc Des Volcano national park covers an area of 160sq km and it shelters the Rwandan part of the Virunga Mountains, 6 extinct and 3 active volcanoes that overlap the borders of Rwanda with Uganda plus the DRC. The Volcanoes National Park has an altitude that ranges from 2400 km to 4507 km with a chain of sheer, all free-standing mountains is connected by fertile lumber which were actually formed by hardened  lava flows , and is among the most thrilling and unforgettable sights in the whole of East Africa .

Gorilla tracking was at last recommenced permanent in the month of July 1999, and since then, the number of visitors traveling to the Virunga had greatly increased. Other than Gorillas plus golden monkeys, primates are not well represented as compared to other forested areas in Rwanda as well as Western Uganda.  Less details about the current standing of large mammals is available, although more than 70 species have actually been recorded in the adjacent Mgahinga National Park found in Uganda, most of which perhaps are only found in the bigger Rwanda part of the Virunga.  Elephants plus buffaloes are still somewhat uncommon; basing on the sum of spoor met on forest paths, although is very shy and rarely observed. In addition present are huge forest hogs, spotted hyenas, bush pigs, black-fronted duikers and bush-bucks, in addition to a number of various small predators.  Latest extinctions, most likely resulting from deforestation, include the leopard plus the yellow-backed duiker.